As the Veil Fades

Written by: Panos Leakos

The shroud begins to dissolve
Breaking the boundaries of organic life
Opened the eye
To feel the touch of divine
Never looked away

But from the depths
I felt his presence
His eyes two black holes
He said to me
“I am the truth you seek
Embody me, I am the one true god
You searched, I came for you”

Floating on the realms above
To taste forbidden fruits
Blessed with clarity
The plains were haunted
By a shadow pulling the strings
A part of it inside me
Drawing power from my sorrow

You want to see me kneel
Under the weight of my burden
You are not the truth I seek
You don’t belong in me

This constant sorrow is driving me insane
Survive past the shadows
To reach what lies beyond the veil

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