Black Sails

Written by: Panos Leakos

To explore the seas
That no one else ever dared
On top of the mast
A black flag dances softly with the wind
From oak and pine
A ship floating on deep dark blue

A storm strikes from the north
With force my journey to end
Towering waves and terrifying winds
Strength of two elements combined
With a flash of lightning
The fear is no more

When I sail on a ship
With black flag and black sails

Journey under boundless skies
On a vessel carrying my dreams and hopes
Never casting anchor again
Until my heart decides to rest
Or the endless ocean swallows me

No empire can set borders on the raging seas
No ruler can tame the wildest storms
When riding the waves you choose your own path
When all doubt is withdrawn
You don’t fear the unknown
Nor the eternity that lies ahead

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