Dark Earth

Written by: Panos Leakos

It all began
When it wondered about itself
Then the first true son of Saturn
Separated from the whole

The mind stuck in patterns
In a game that you don’t get the rules
Struggling so hard
To stay on the board a little more
Break the bond

A race with no price
Bleed for your demise
Pain and suffering have no place for life
Dark earth reflecting back to us
When the choice is slumber everything shall end

Glorified worship of death
Stained with fear
Hollowed we never see it all

We place our lives
In the hands of fake personas
But still don’t trust
The real ones beside us
Remake the bonds

Reason now forgotten
Still we seek far away
Forsaken, disconnected
Still we march until the end

Even with the warning signs right before our eyes
Yet again we close them
And accept the same old fate
To your grave walk

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