Scar of Despair

Written by: Panos Leakos

Walking the realm of the dead
An unending abyss
Lost in the ocean of despair
Deprive every single spark of hope
Thrown in the lake of broken dreams
In endless darkness

A destiny of greatness lies
Frozen in a dream
Crossed the path with walking corpses
And with empty eyes
Holding the scepter of unknown gods
[Which] no man has ever seen
Lost the brightness long time ago
See no flames inside

Bleeding souls
Pray in vain
Voiceless cries
Bleeding souls
Dreadful sight
[Under a] clouded sky

Rain pouring down from a sunless sky
The air cuts through the dark gray clouds
Forming stranger shapes
I can see no black or white
Only shades of gray
Land... of perpetual silence
And of withered dreams

(I can see no black or white)
(Only shades of gray)
(Land... of perpetual silence)
(And of withered dreams)
And of withered dreams

Blood and tears fall from my empty eyes
Carving scars of despair


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