Seeds of Deception

Written by: Panos Leakos

Like all stories
This one begins
From the time when balance
And serenity ruled the earth
There was a time of war
Innocent lives were lost
Still they wondered
How all this began
How a man living a life of honor
Becomes a violent beast

Still I don’t understand
How a man can curse the future
Of all generations to come

Once proud and free they roamed
Deceived they sealed their fate
Slaves to the dark blindly consumed
The blood of demons

The tides of war have spread the seeds
Of pain and hatred
No soothing voice to calm their lust
For mass destruction
From the abyss ill crops will spring
A fated harvest

After years of war
The bloodlust never stopped
Corrupted souls tainted the earth
Drained of all life
Forever doomed to search
For a homeland of their own

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