Tales of our Times

Written by: Panos Leakos

I can't find in my heart
What is true and what is real
Greed is having everything in life
(Everything in life)
And still wanting more
(Still wanting more)
A constant sadness
In misery's embrace
Vacant feelings linked to possession

Forced by the melodies of our time
Dancing the first and final waltz
On a swamp with marshy waters
Sinking ever deeper
All seem meaningless
In the eternal flow of time
Lies hatred and despair
A tragedy to befall all those who look
Down to the ground

Your purpose in this life
Shall not reveal itself
Unless you fight
Neglected hopes abandoned
In the desert of your mind
Shadows of a coming storm
Eternal destiny through shadowed
Tarnished lands

Memories of old bring joy
And peace of mind
Of a mountaintop under a fading sun
Last ray of light brings hope to my heart
But the first cold winter breeze
Of another endless night
Shatters my dreams
Alone once again
A pale moon's child
Roaming this Earth
With million wicked souls

Still watch them to create
And to destroy
Meaningless deeds
In the passing of eternity
Cursed to be forgotten
By the melodies of our time

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