Wish of Autumn Twilight

Written by: Panos Leakos

Knowledge and power
Two sides of the same coin
Acquired on a journey
Of many lifetimes
A promise not fulfilled
Until the final embrace

Restless dreams now fade
One by one in the veil of every night
Only to be greeted the day
Bright red dawn of a magical spring

A spark ignites a fire
That lights up inside
It’s destiny to burn
Until the end of each life
Ancestral guidance stems from inside
A spirit of old lies deep within
His might and his power
Always at hand
The will of a thousand gods

Deep inside the temple
Where the spirit resides
There is a lake so calm
Its waters cannot be disturbed

The mind travels to the edge of the world
Finding peace only inside a dream

Now the spirit’s gone
Left this body behind
The temple lies sealed
And the water has dried
The gates cannot opened
The hearth can’t be reached
Closing the eyes a final and silent
Wish of autumn twilight

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